List of Services

  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Provide oversight of asset operations and financial performance to achieve optimal results
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - Provide revenue production, cost savings, & financial efficiencies
  • OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT - Oversee, design, & improve business operations
  • TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT & EXECUTION - Add value through personnel development
  • ASSET PLATFORMS - Support Development, Renovation, Reposition, Acquisition, Disposition, & Capital Improvements

Budget Development - Creation of ground-up operating budget(s), leading & overseeing annual budget process, and/or review of budgets for completeness, accuracy and reasonableness.

Reforecast - Provide quarterly review of pass financial performance to assist in determination of future projections for investor cash flow reporting purposes and expectations.

Financial Analysis of Portfolio/Property Level Results - Analyze income statement & General Ledger and their congruence with budget and proforma expectations.  Includes reviewing proper coding of income and expenses for accurate reporting, confirming ancillary budgeted income received, and providing recommendations for cost reduction or income production.             

Contract review and negotiation – Review in-place contracts to ensure terms are being adhered to according to agreement leading to potential cost savings or income production.  Provide contract negotiation for term renewal or new contracts with the focus on favorable terms for promisee.  

Fraud Investigation - Spearhead investigation of suspected fraud at the site level to assist with uncovering potential employee theft or proving out innocence.

Management Agreement Review - Represent owner or Management Company to ensure participating parties are adhering to and abiding by terms of the agreement leading to potential savings in fee to owner.


Executive Coverage - Provide Senior Executives with leadership expertise in varying levels of accounting and operations to seemlessly and effectively fill a temporary need while a long term executive is sourced allowing operations to continue with minimal disruption during the vacant seat.

Ad Hoc Projects - Spearhead and execute “To Do List” or special projects for a department or organization with limited internal resources and/or need for institutional level expertise. Tackle the issues and supplement the team on a project by project basis without adding to current staff overhead.

Company Restructure – Advise/Spearhead the reorganization of the company, department, or portfolio to achieve company goals.   This includes, but is not limited to; existing conditions documentation, needs assessment, business improvement/action plan, implementation of action plan, and evaluation of results.

Start-up Infrastructure – Create a roadmap for the company to use to set up multifamily operations creating an infrastructure providing a platform for successful operations.  The plan roadmap will act as a stand-alone resource for the business to grow and progress well into the future.

Best Practice Implementation – Develop and/or improve company operating policies and procedures by using best practices consistently shown to achieve more efficient results.

Efficiency Investigation - Improve operating efficiencies by identifying areas of opportunity for improvement which will help tighten up operations resulting in potential cost savings and income upturn.  This provides an external view of company operations while inspecting adherence to existing procedures. 

Property Audit/Performance Improvement Plan - Audit provides a systemic check or assessment, review, and evaluation of property operations. Results serve as a basis to confirm effectiveness and identify areas for potential improvement and risk management.

Standard Operating Procedure Manuals - Create, Document, and Implement standard operating procedure manuals for risk management, emergency procedures, maintenance, operations, leasing, and others based on company's needs.


Financial Training - Assist in setting operational team members apart from competition by providing financial training to community and regional managers. This training closes the gap in between owner/asset manager financial knowledge demands of the operational teams.

Change Management – Provide leadership to effectively transition the portfolio/department to a desired state through recognition, development, training and employee support.

Coaching – Analysis & evaluation of associate(s) leading to feedback and recommendations for a performance improvement plan to potentially lead to lower turnover, loyalty, continuity, collaboration, team building, and ultimately, improved employee performance.  This is accomplished through several options: Mentorship, Executive Coaching, Associate Development, Team Building, & Career Coaching utilizing areas of expertise in leading teams and rising stars to top performance in all facets of property management. 

Interview Coach - Tutor hiring managers on interview skills to include how to review resumes, phone screening, face to face interview and follow up.  Teaching interview skills can lead to hiring of employees with longer tenure (reducing turnover cost), increased performance (increasing NOI), and succession planning (internal promotion).  Drawing upon years of successful recruiting experience in the multifamily industry for various levels and engaging in the hiring of open positions while working side by side w/ the hiring manager.  Training is designed to fit the position of hiring manager and open position.

Variance Report Writing - Train in completion of monthly variance report writing to be distributed to owners by assisting with making the report accurate, complete, informative and timely.  This leads to clear & concise communication among on-site managers, management companies and owners vital to client satisfaction and retention.

Client Interface – Teach the “art of communicating up” with Asset Management, Owners, and Developers by helping others to understand expectations and anticipate needs.  Discussions to include: collaboration, anticipation of questions, presenting support for request, email communication, obtaining a timely response, and knowing the client’s needs and expectations.  Client interface skills allow for clients to believe in integrity, credibility, and expertise which can lead to client tenure and future engagements.

Business Planning - Write business/operating plan for one or more properties highlighting property goals and the objectives for attaining success by providing a road map with milestones and reviews.

Management Level Onboarding -Advise Managers & Vice Presidents on the ability to efficiently and effectively manage a multifamily portfolio.  Consult on client interface, team leadership, time management, managing up, organization, report reviews, follow through, and other client specific needs.

Initiative Oversight -Take an agreed upon company initiative and develop the plan for execution.


Asset Preservation - Specializing in multifamily redevelopment, renovation, asset preservation, and asset management.  Full capital business plan formation and execution from inception to exit including: due diligence and project evaluation, capital budget formation and analysis, contract negotiation and administration, project management, construction management, and asset management.

Proforma Development - Prepare budget to assist in projecting future operating results in advance of a transaction to determine projected cash flow.

Property Set Up - Spearhead set-up of asset operations including but not limited to staffing, business systems, IT, policy & procedures, marketing, accounting, utilities, vendor contracts, suppliers, and office/maintenance supplies to assist asset getting set up to cash flow immediately with minimal down time.

Due Diligence - Spearhead operational level due diligence by investigating the quality of property being conveyed which includes file audit, contract review, unit interior walks, staff interviews, etc.

Lease Up/Marketing Plan - Compile executable operating plan to coincide with owner goals for property lease up to include leasing velocity, staffing, milestone bonus program, and marketing strategy.

Disposition Preparation – Assist in preparing property for market: perfecting curb appeal, selecting tour path & show units, file review, unit walks, financial review/clean up, liaison with broker, communication with onsite team, action plan to maintain targeted occupancy/leasing percentages, & gather inventory lists.



Asset Management - Add value by executing property-level strategy for optimizing the value of the assets.  Preparing long-term financial models; Analyzing the property's financial performance (e.g., cash flow analysis, internal rate of return); Assessing market value of the property; Performing due diligence for acquisitions and dispositions; Analyzing proposed property improvements relative to future value/return on investment; Full capital business plan formation & execution.